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What Level of Insurance Do You Need If You're Going to Open a Restaurant?

The average Australian is a very sociable individual and even though there is a trend towards home delivery, there will always be a demand for gathering places, bars, restaurants and cafes. As an entrepreneur, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity and may be thinking about opening a restaurant of your own. There's a lot to consider, of course, but you'll want to get an adequate level of protection and will need to get the right type of restaurant and cafe insurance. What does this involve?

Comprehensive Coverage

Basically, you will need four different types of insurance to cover property, liability, workers compensation and (if you're going to feature delivery) commercial automobile.


You need to ensure the building, whether you own it or lease it, but will also need to cover the equipment and materials within. The equipment in the kitchen is very expensive and somewhat vulnerable, while the food in the freezer is perishable and represents a significant expense in its own right. This type of insurance can also include coverage for business interruption should the restaurant be affected by fire or other peril.


This type of business is particularly vulnerable to lawsuits, and you will definitely need the right level of coverage here. Make sure that you have protection to cover you against an assault on the premises, for issues that may relate to consumption of liquor and for employee claims that their rights may have been violated. If you operate some kind of outbound email marketing strategy, then you should get coverage to protect you against data breaches and cyber liability as well.


As you will be employing staff, you will need workers compensation insurance to conform with Australian regulations.


Finally, you're going to be liable if an employee is involved in an accident when using their car to deliver food on behalf of your restaurant. This is why it's important to have commercial automobile insurance as well.

The Quote

It's worth shopping around to get different quotes as many factors can affect the size of the premium. Insurers will take into account the size of the property, the activities that you intend to feature, your hours of operation, how much alcohol you intend to sell and your experience in the industry.

There are many opportunities in this industry and plenty of room for those who are passionate, enterprising and willing to persevere. Always make sure, however, that you have the right level of protection first.